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Chichester · UK

A community for the people of Chichester

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Does anyone know anywhere local to chichester, or even better, in chichester that does poetry readings?
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On Friday 12th September, my oldest dog Meggie was stolen from my family home by a Silver Mondeo. She was picked up from the driveway, put in the car, and then they drove away in the direction of Chichester.

She's very old and completely blind, and we're all very worried about her and concerned for her safety.

If anyone you know has recently aquired a dog fitting her photo, please don't hesitate to get in touch with


x-posted slightly, sorry..
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I got sent this from Chichester Festival Theatre today. I've been an extra once before, it was great fun and the great thing is that I was paid £400 for 3 days of work!

Exclusive Email List Opportunity


Number 9 Films are looking for 100 male and female extras to appear in a British feature film starring Jim Broadbent and Colin Firth.

They are looking for local people who are eager to take part in a rare community event and get the chance to see how a feature film is put together.

You will need to be available for filming in Goodwood on Thursday 5 October. You will also need to be available to come to a costume fitting for a short period on Saturday 30 September or Monday 2 October.

Unfortunately as this is a period piece set in the 1950s we will be unable to consider anyone with a shaved head or dyed hair.

We will be holding a casting in Chichester on Wednesday 27 September from 10am to 7pm.

If you are available for the dates above and are interested in this great opportunity, please email Ross on rossyf1@hotmail.com or telephone on 07920 157111.

Please feel free to pass this email on!

Dont forget ~ Autumn 06 is on sale now! FInd out more.
okay okay
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I was looking for a livejournal UK community, and by chance I discovered this one! I had no idea there was a livejournal Chichester community!
I'm an 18 year old chick from Sydney Australia, and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Chichester! I haven't been there since I was about 12 though =[ Me and my family used to come over all the freakin time. The cross is so freakin cute, I love all the shops and those markets at the end of some street can't remember which one, either North or South or East or West...we used to stay in this awesome huge and very UNAUSTRALIAN house around the corner from the Cross and my mum's mum used to live in the Maltings (apartments for the elderly).
ANYWAYS, can anyone tell me if The Natural World is still there? Me and my brother used to love that shop when we were kids, I'd be so dissapointed if it was gone even though it probably is.
I'll have to come back very soon! I'm planning a trip for next year if I can save up the cash!

Feel free to add me to myspace, I'd love to have some Chichester connections!

excited excited
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Is it just me or does OceanFM "hampshires greatest hits" only play : -

The Knacks - My Sharona
Marillion - Kayleigh
ELO - Mr Bluesky
Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

I think i've heard those songs played twice a day.

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Chichester's funkiest funk band Ticklin' The Pickle play The Happy Medium this Saturday.
Free Entry!!

Be there or don't be there!

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Who is the adorable guy who works in Waterstones??

Don't you just love pleasant shop assistants? Waterstones does seem to have quite a few of the good ones. Well done Waterstones (but not well done on re-stocking your Fantasy/Sci-fi section because I have no money! Curse you! Curse you student overdraft! Sob.)

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Anyone else heard of the rumour of congestion charges being introduced to Chi?

If that's proposed I predict a riot lol

Who's with me? :P


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Children of Bodom - Bodom after midnight
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Long time lucker first time posting on here so hello everyone ^^
This post is just to let people know that St Richards might b closing and to counter act this some locals have come up with a petition to stop this. It’s a very simple thing to do just by writing to Nick Gibb the local M.P at

Nick Gibb

House of Commons





Or go to the website           www.supportstrichards.co.uk

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My car has squeeky suspension.
Took it to kwik fit.
£342 later i still have squeeky suspension...
and now the tracking is off too.


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